A new imprint from Kane Press, StarBerry Books, is a line of diverse and imaginative picture books created by authors and artists around the globe.

Why StarBerry? “Kids. Berries. They’re small, bright, and can be a handful,” says Publisher Juliana Lauletta, “but children have a capacity for imagination that’s as grand as the stars. We’ve created StarBerry picture books to encourage kids’ natural curiosity and inquisitiveness and to take them on adventures to the sea, the moon, faraway planets, or even their own backyards.”

2018 StarBerry Titles:

Norman and the Nom Nom Factory

For those who can use a little push when it comes to trying new things! In Bridgette Zou’s debut picture book, Norman and the Nom Nom Factory, Norman happily lives alone on Planet Gerp, spending every day making Nom Noms in his Nom Nom factory and eating only Nom Noms for every meal. It’s perfectly nice and quiet on Gerp, until a loud, strange creature arrives bringing even stranger foods…and worse, a taste for adventure. What will Norman do? “Change isn’t about the big, grand gestures, but the small, quiet steps. It can happen in New York City or out there in space. But most of all, change comes from you and can take you anywhere,” says author-artist Bridgette Zou. A trip to planet Gerp could be just the ticket for the picky eater in your life.

Dino Moon

Calling dinosaur fans and space lovers. What if dinosaurs were born on the moon? Just imagine! In Dino Moon by Morgane de Cadier, illustrated by Étienne Gerin, dinosaurs could have held races on shooting stars, cooked barbecue close to the sun, or piled up comets to build castles in the night sky. This unique story will spark readers’ sense of wonder and inspire lively discussions as children dream up their own answers to the question.

Stories in a Seashell

They say that if you hold a seashell to your ear, you will hear the sea. Is that true? Stories in a Seashell by Alex Nogues Otero, illustrated by Silvia Cabestany, captures kids’ imaginations with a tale of mermaids, pirates, submarines, whales, and other sights and sounds of the sea. A magical story for daydreamers and everyone who loves being by the water.

Can We Go to the Sea

Can We Go to the Sea? and Where Has the Moon Gone?by Hiroyuki Arai, illustrated by Yukiko Kobayashi, feature two mice friends who ask big questions and set off for adventure. Plop, splash, and come along with our intrepid mouse heroes in Can We Go to the Sea?, a terrific, animal-filled read-aloud about friendship and adventure. And discovery abounds in Where Has the Moon Gone?, in which bright, lush illustrations bring out the sweetness and humor that make this book a perfect storytime read-aloud for kids who love to explore.

Queen Panda Can't Sleep

A tiger from India, elephants from Kenya, kangaroos from Australia! All these animals and more come to the palace with remedies for the exhausted queen in Queen Panda Can’t Sleep. Sleeping potions, hypnosis, earplugs, a sleep mask, a giant yawn . . . nothing helps the beleaguered queen. But sometimes, getting tired just takes a bit of hard work! With lush, colorful illustrations from Mariana Ruiz Johnson, Susanna Isern’s tale about a queen who just can’t fall asleep is the perfect picture book for kids who have trouble at bedtime, who adore animals, or who love to learn about places all over the globe.

Imagination, friendship, trying something new, dreaming of faraway places—these picture books focus on topics kids think about and issues they face on a daily basis. For one-on-one lap-sits and individual reading to just-right read-alouds with a class or group at a bookstore or library, StarBerry Books debuts in March 2018.

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