Bad Luck Brad (Probability)
Math Matters
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For Ages 6-8

Topic: Probability
Interest Level: Grades 1-3

On his last day of school before summer vacation, Brad discovers an important lesson. His chances of getting what he wants may not be based on luck at all! By estimating and calculating before making choices, he can increase the likelihood of those choices being the ones he wants.

Praise for Bad Luck Brad (Probability)

Bright, expressive illustrations enhance this story, one of the few that take place on the last day of school.

  • Interest Level: 6-8
  • Trim Size: 6.50" x 9.00"
  • Pages: 32
  • Book Features: Full-color, Original illustrations
  • ISBNs:
    978-1-57565-112-5 Paperback

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