Ant Attack!
Science Solves It!
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For Ages 5-7

Life Science | Ants
Interest Level: Grades K to 2

Jenny keeps her candy stash a secret until an army of ants discovers where it’s hidden. Will she be able to lure them away before the secret is discovered?

Praise for Ant Attack!

Allows children to see a scientist at work as Jenny systematically tests her hypotheses about ants. The soft focus watercolors give a “safe neighborhood” background for Jenny’s clubhouse.

—Nancy Roser, Professor of Language and Literacy Studies University of Texas, Austin

Wow! Curious minds will always find an answer to things. Jenny experiments to find out why ants are invading her stash of sweets. This book will trigger the imagination of our young readers.

—D. Brightbill, Primary Teacher, Arlington, TX

The text is bolstered by colorful cartoons, including drawings of a book of nature facts that allow children to read along with Jenny.

—School Library Journal
  • Interest Level: 5-7
  • Trim Size: 6.50" x 9.00"
  • Pages: 32
  • Book Features: Full-color, Original illustrations
  • ISBNs:
    978-1-57565-117-0 Paperback

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